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Best Hookah lounge in miami beach


Hookah lounge in miami beach

We pay tribute to the centennial tradition of shisha by packing our hookahs in original clay bowls on authentic handmade water pipes manufactured with artisan craftsmanship, making each of our devices one of a kind.

We like to innovate with hookah while respecting our ancestral traditions; hence we have all-timer flavors. We also like to get creative by doing custom combinations and bringing new and emerging flavor brands from around the world.

Our hookah lounge has a very intimate atmosphere with an elegant setting. Our handmade hookahs will make you feel transported to the old cafes in Beirut, where the real "shisha" experience happens.

We are a top-ranked hookah bar in Miami; this is not your cousin preparing shisha at home with a burnt taste; Our team is composed of hookah professionals who will ensure you get a unique atmosphere that our ancestors in Egypt would be proud of.

smoking hookah at 7 Spices hookah lounge in miami beach
hookah bar in lincoln road, miami beach
hookah bar in miami beach
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