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Why is my hookah always getting a burnt taste?

Ever wondered why every time you asked your friends home for a hookah session, you get embarrassed when it just doesn't kick off or gets a burnt taste?


So it's a Friday night; you're waiting to watch that yearned "Barcelona vs. Real Madrid" final match. Hence, you decide to invite your friends to come over to watch it while eating some shawarmas and hoping to make some insane clouds with your hookah. You've been bragging all week long with your pals about the new shisha you got recently and how a master of hookah you are. So you pack your bowl with a blueberry-mint mix, put some coals on the burner and finally mount your hookah(Cause you're a pro, right?). Then, unexpectedly, you start pulling and pulling just to feel that infamous and disgusting burnt taste in your throat. Of course, the first thing that comes to your mind is how embarrassed you'll be in front of your friends. But don't worry, we're to the rescue with some essential tips to avoid your hookah from getting that horrible taste and obviously from feeling lame shame ever again.

Never allow heat to exceed its limits.

When you have too much heat in your hookah bowl, it can ruin the pure taste of your shisha flavor, so remove coal to allow the temperature to get reduced.

The amount of tobacco is beyond your actual need.

Be careful when packing your bowl. When you put just too much tobacco, its surface area will be higher, meaning a broader exposure to the hot foil and the tobacco.

Check your water level.

Sometimes you forget to check your water level before setting up your hookah, which will make you look like a total amateur in front of your friends. Please Don't do that. You can always invite them to the best hookah lounge near you and let the professionals do it for you.

Check your coal's position.

Make sure your coals are positioned at the external borders of your hookah bowl. Otherwise, If you arrange the coals at the exact center of the bowl and you inhale, the only thing you're going to feel is the harshness caused by the coals. Especially if you're using quick light coals which are coated in chemicals.

If, after so many tries, it still doesn't turn out the way you planned for. You can always visit a professional hookah lounge where you will find a vast availability of new flavors to try. In addition, they will make sure your hookah works perfectly fine, so you can blow some nice fluffy smoke without the hassle.

7 Spices Restaurant & Hookah Lounge is a professional hookah bar located in Miami Beach, Florida. We use authentic handcrafted shishas and carry exotic hookah flavors, including nicotine-free tobacco. Our lounge is famous in Miami due to its authenticity, great middle eastern food, and stunning atmosphere.

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